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Applethwaite Heating are Gas Safe Registered

It’s extremely important to opt for Gas Safe engineers to carry out work on all gas appliances. Gas Safe Registration is a legal requirement for heating engineers dealing with boilers. We go the extra mile with safety and always make sure that we are kept updated with the latest safety guidelines for Gas Safety.  

Common boiler faults and how to spot the signs

Spotting boiler issues early and bringing in a heating engineer to fix the problem is the best way to avoid a complete boiler breakdown or having to replace your boiler early. We’ve listed the most frequent boiler issues and how to diagnose them.

Low pressure

Pressure out of the norm can be an indication of a larger problem within your central heating system. Low water pressure from the taps in your home is an obvious sign however, low pressure can also cause other issues such as poor circulation. To check your boiler’s pressure, you can check the pressure gauge, generally located on the front of the boiler. This panel should read between 1 - 1.5 bar. Call a heating engineer in if you suspect your system has low pressure

Broken pump

If you suddenly notice that your boiler is performing poorly or if you notice some irregularity in your radiators heating up, you could have a broken pump within your system. The pump is responsible for pushing all of the water that your boiler has heated up through your central heating system. Other signs of a broken pump include unusual noises coming from your boiler 

Frozen condensate pipe

The condensate pipe is used as a waste pipe for your boiler and is used to get rid of harmful bi products from your heating system. In the winter months, if it’s not prevented, these pipes can freeze, blocking the boiler's normal function. Boilers usually shutoff as a response to a blocked condensate pipe. If your boiler shuts off on its own its best to call in a heating engineer to investigate the problem.

Leaking pipes

Smaller leaks throughout your boiler system can sometimes go undetected. Leaks can cause fluctuation in the pressure of your boiler and lead to the common issues that high or low pressure can cause your boiler. If you spot any signs of corrosion around the pipes of any damp patches underneath your boier, this could be a sign of leak.

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